Homebrew Legality 101

10 Oct

Ready to make your first tantalizing batch? Make sure it’s legal! Only this year has Alabama voted through a bill to legalize homebrewing, but it died in senate and the fight is far from over. An article at: Fermentarium gives some insight on the process, and what people against the bill argue. It is important to understand that since prohibition, laws about home brewing only mentioned wine. Over the years, it has been a struggle to convince our states to include this sort of brewing in its legislation. Fortunately, the majority of the states have been caught up with the times, and it is a quite widely accepted practice. If you are interested in more specific information about states and their legalities regarding homebrewing, I am linking to Homebrewers Association statutes page. It gives a great run down on the federal laws, state laws, and has a drop box with all states and their respective bills. Its interesting to see how each state puts different limitations on at home production, and how, as of now, Alabama and Mississippi senates have successfully postponed bills for legalization since 1933. Bottoms up, good luck in 2013 Alabama.



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