Why Homebrew Anyway?

15 Oct

Are you on the fence whether or not to take the leap and brew at home? Have you concerns of the cost for equipment and ingredients? Are you to impatient to wait and just run to the corner store for the cheapie six-pack?  Don’t be! There are many great reasons to brew at home. Try not to become discouraged when researching the process. Going around to many blogs and informative websites helped me begin to understand what is going on, but some of the information seemed overwhelming. At first, the process seemed very scientific with all these decimals and gravity readings. In reality, when I got down to the nitty gritty, I was making what seemed like a big batch of tea or soup! I urge you not to become discouraged; it is well worth the brew.

A great perk about brewing at home, is that once you buy the necessities for the process, that’s it. Everything is reusable; all you would need for your next batch are the ingredients. This is fantastic, because when you are brewing 5 gallons a batch, it almost immediately pays itself off. Although some states do put a cap on production, no matter who you are, you can easily make your years worth for fractions of store bought brew. Not to mention you are achieving a “top shelf” craft beer flavor and feel. Picking your own fresh ingredients, and skipping all the processes like pasteurization and shipment the commercial brewers must follow, will ultimately yield you a much crisper, tastier product. Brewing at home doesn’t just give you quality beer for much less cost, there that aspect of control, making it an art. Similar to how preparing food is a culinary art, the brew process demands certain attention and involvement. Choosing what malt to use, what hops to spice with, which yeast profiles will complement ingredients are all part of this control. Deciding what you want to taste or feel in a brew, and being part of the process to achieve a desired product that is important to you, is art. Brewers themselves as a community are definitely worth a shout out to. When getting into home brew, you can’t help but get sucked into this tight nit community. Everyone is willing to share success stories, and even stories ending not so well. Brewers are a wealth of information and laid back individuals to bat, so as the AHA would say “Relax, have a homebrew.”



One Response to “Why Homebrew Anyway?”

  1. John October 15, 2012 at 7:21 pm #

    Great points about the benefits of home brewing. I knew the economic argument was there, and you give specific details that drive that home. The post also gave me new perspective on homebrewing as a culinary art and a personalized process of catering specifically to your own tastes — thinking of it that way helps to justify the time and attention one has to devote to it.

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