Homebrew Heaven

22 Oct

Through Storify I was able to make a little section I like to call Homebrew Heaven. Here I have thrown a few pictures together for some inspiration and try to capture some of the homebrewer “vibe.” The more I intimate I become with homebrewing myself, I realize there is more to it than the brew. I’ve experienced how important the community is to its success. Certainly homebrewers give off a certain glow when talking about their trade. Everyone starts at the beginning, and homebrewers are no different. This is why I have found HomeBrewTalk.com to be an exceptional source as well. You can find it as a Storify panel in Homebrew Heaven, but it is worth mentioning here, as the community is fantastic. There are plenty of Stickies on this forum to qualm your newbie fears. Otherwise, toss your question out there, no matter how elementary, and someone is glad to help. If it becomes urgent, member responses are known to be quick so you can’t lose! Good luck, keep at it, happy hombrewing.

My own batch brewing- smells amazing!


-Zach Attack


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