Oh Snap! It’s a Brew-Off!

24 Oct

Are you super competitive, or just a beer fanatic? Either way, I suggest you find yourself a hombrew competition to attend. At hombrew competitions, whether you are entering a beer or not, there lies a massive source of enlightenment. By simply attending, you will be surrounded by brewers of all ranks and disciplines. This isn’t to mention all the delectable craft brews people have brought from all over.

As it turns out then, you don’t need to be a 5-year homebrewer to attend a competition. The magical wonder behind this, especially if you are a newcomer, is that there will be a seasoned brewer at every turn. Take advantage of this, as most experienced brewers would love to chat you up about getting started, or tip you off for better execution next time.

Not only can the brews flavored inspire a recipe of your own, they can raise certain questions about achieving a specific taste/feel to a beer. This becomes essential in the quest to evolving yourself into a better brewer. Isn’t what this is all about? Everything rolls back to the community, the most precious resource for any homebrewer.

At homebrew competitions, you get it all. From beer tastings to tension, and inspiration to education, whether your a newb or the three time competition winner, find yourself a Brew-Off!

Where can you find one? A great place to start, not just for competitions, is the all-encompassing American Homebrewer’s Association. Here I have linked specifically to their page about the National Homebrew Competition they hold. AHA include links for Club-Only runs, sanctioned competitions, and even the Great American Beer Festival. Being a national event, this a great place to start your quest.

For closer to home, I suggest you visit Oh Snap! A Brew-Off! I’ve accumulated several links that will help Texans on their search for competitions held in many different areas. These gatherings area trove help and inspiration don’t be afraid to ask, homebrewers are itching to help!

My first batch made it to secondary, it’s on the low side so I moved very carefully. After just a week it smells and tastes extremely citrusy, with a dry, bitter hop finish. Can’t wait for it to mellow and clear even more!




One Response to “Oh Snap! It’s a Brew-Off!”

  1. John October 29, 2012 at 6:20 pm #

    Very well focused post (didn’t know brew-offs existed), and nice integration with Storify, image, and catchy title.

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