To Keg, or Not to Keg?

29 Oct

I suspect this was on every brewer’s mind at one point in time. The good thing is, there is no wrong answer to this question! Bottling and kegging is the same basic idea, to store your masterpiece for later consumption. With this in mind there are definitely a few differences in the process, and there lay a few objectives to consider. I suggest the enlightening discussion here at BrewingKB about Bottling vs. Kegging.

Basically, it all brews down to opinion and mostly, resources. Within the first few posts, you will be able to determine whether or not kegs are the way to go. Like I said, there is no wrong answer. Pros and cons are situational to the brewer; so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. In fact, the beauty about brewing at home remains: you can always do both! Keep a few six packs conditioning for an extra week or two while you and your brew crew kill that keg off.


R.D.W.H.A.H.B- ZachAttack


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