From Canes to Bottles

12 Nov

 So my first batch has completed fermentation and it’s time to get bottling! That’s the good news, bad news: my primary fermenter had a spigot, and I’ve yet to use a racking cane. My beautiful brew has finished up inside a five gallon glass carboy, so how do I get it out? All I have is a plastic cane with a tip, and am expected to rack five gallons of liquid with it! A beginner could easily baffle themselves trying to figure how to start suction without using a mouth. I read a few things that sounded helpful, but mouths and tap water aren’t sanitary (which is priority with brew). Also, purchasing an auto siphon was not ideal.

 Finally, I was able to make a connection at This link leads you to their page on how to properly siphon your brew. They suggest some leftover sanitizing solution to initiate the draw- the perfect solution! Not only that, unlike other reads, it is complete with easy to understand pictures and hints for a smooth racking process. If you want to dive a bit further in, the bottom of the page will lead you into the next step of the process: the bottling one.


Cheers, Zach Attack


One Response to “From Canes to Bottles”

  1. Apartment Brewer November 13, 2012 at 10:50 am #

    That’s a great idea, and really useful for starting a siphon in a sanitary way. I’d still recommend getting an auto siphon though. They’re not that expensive and really do make life a lot easier.

    Also for bottling, you might be interested in a bottling wand, removes the need to pinch the tube between bottles and risk spraying the precious beer everywhere. I just wrote a post about how much easier they make life last week,

    Cheers and happy brewing!

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