Monsters Partially Mash..or All Grain

25 Nov

The coolest thing about being a beginner at homebrew, are all the surprises. One of those for me, was the discovery of Partial Mash and All Grain brewing. For my first batch I got the kit and did my steep and boil liquid extract. It was quite a fairly simple process from boil to ferment.

Utilizing the kit, and my 6 pounds liquid extract, I have made quite a tasty brew. In fact, I’ve got some bottles carbonating as I type. I am extremely satisfied with my yield, and it tastes delicious. There is nothing wrong with using primarily Dry Malt Extract or Liquid Malt Extract.

This can lead one feeling a little like “that’s is!?” Don’t get me wrong, keep it simple stupid is my motto. I just couldn’t help but feel there must be “more”. Enter my surprise, PM and AG brewing.

Here I am going to highlight PM because I feel it still lies in novice/amateur domain. PM and AG brewing is different in that you are doing your own extraction process. This means you will spend less money on extract ingredients, as grains will cost less than DME or LME. 

The process of PM is considerably less intensive and holds less risk of complication than AG brewing. The key here, is that it adds a more intimate aspect to your brewing without making it too overwhelming for less seasoned participants. It normally doesn’t require you to obtain extra equipment (less maybe an extra container), and greatly adds to the involvement of the craft. I imagine once I take on PM, no longer will I fill my primary without a sweat band. Half the fun of homebrew is the act of brewing, do what you can to drag it out.

This hasn’t even mentioned the added control PM or AG brewing gives the brewer. Much tighter flavor profile, or custom gravity control is a definite bonus to the process. Starting with a PM compared with AG is probably the best way to go for the beginners and first time extractors. Also, PM brewing tends to be more convenient for the college brewer or brewers in apartments because stoves can greatly impact how a boil goes down.

There are many benefits to PM versus DME or LME brewing. And once again HomeBrewTalk.Com has a great forum read on the benefits here. Also, there is a great read on the process of Partial Mashing and how to at BeerSmith.Com. This article is relevant to the Partial Masher looking to mash without having to obtain a bunch of new fangled equipment. Good luck brewing, and remember RDWHAHB.


-Zach Attack


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