Glass and Plastic, Fantastic

14 Dec

Homebrewers usually only have a choice of fermenting in food grade plastic carboys or buckets, or glass carboys in their kits. 


Glass is much easier to clean and wont stain or smell. The downside glass is that it can chip and break. This can be an issue, because full five gallon gallon glass carboys can be hefty. Often, homebrewers employ the use of a brew hauler, a harness or handle made for easier carboy handling. Creative as brewers are, many are keep to build their own carrier for carboys.


The dilemma here is that plastic has the opposite ups and downs. Plastic is much harder to clean, any gouges in plastic make great hiding places for contaminants. Also, plastic tends to absorb smells and discolor after use. The positives are that they wont chip or shatter, easier to handle, and some even come ready for spigot installation. Spigots make racking and bottling an ease.


They are both excellent mediums for fermentation, and many homebrewers will use a combination of the two. The point here is to consider budget, and environment, not sales pitch. If you are prone to glass breaks, stick with the plastic. If you want easy maintenance, ride with glass. 


Don’t forget to critique those who say one is better than the other. Plastic does all the things class cant and vice versa. Only you know what will work best for your brew situation.

-Zach Attack


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