I Can See My Brew From Here!

14 Dec

One cool thing about brewing your own, is the control you have over the recipe. I found it very interesting to take hydrometer readings as my brew developed. It’s almost like getting to see how tall you got over the years. Here its more like how potent the wort is after a month or so, mmm. Something that may seem confusing though, is the actual calculations going on. I found a great resource recently called RooftopBrew.Net.

It has a vast array of information regarding homebrew, gear, culture, and tons of pages links. My favorite little features of this place are its calculators. As long as you have your accurate readins from a hydrometer, this little app will calculate your final gravity. So get on the rooftop and check out how you can improve you homebrew and homebrew knowledge.

-Zach Attack


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