Siphon’s “Suck”

14 Dec

Just kidding, or am I? Auto siphons are very useful tools for homebrewers. They do “suck”, fortunately, not in a bad way. The coolest thing about the auto siphon is its simplicity, and convenience.

By giving it a few pumps, the siphon creates a vacuum. This “sucks” the fluid (your delicious brew) from your vessel and starts the flow. Like I mentioned in earlier post, using a mouth to start a siphon should be a hombrew no no. With an auto siphon, you can skip the whole sanitizer solution/ steril water tube fill to start the pull. A few easy pumps or so and its on its way, minus the whole balancing act.

Another beautiful thing about the auto siphon is its price. Running by your local homebrew store  can get you one of these for around 15 bucks. Online retailers have been known to sell them cheaper if you have patience for shipping. You might have acquired a racking cane with your kit, but with the added easy and simplicity, its well worth the upgrade.

My first batch was done with a racking cane. I used the sanitizer solution to get the flow started. It worked just dandily, but I do feel like I siphoned way more sediment than I wanted. I attribute some of this to my balancing act between getting flow started and supporting cane inside fermenter. It fell too deep and disturbed some trub. Using the auto would have helped filter initial sediment and allowed greater control over the racking process.

So go pick up an auto siphon and make your brewing process a bit more cleaned up for cheap. Your clear beers and smooth siphon will be the reward, and for cheap. Your auto siphon will pay for itself, no matter how much it “sucks.”

-Zach Attack


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