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Yeast Beast

3 Dec

Are you one of those people who hates disposing of yeast? I don’t mean in a “that’s kinda gross” way. More like an “I feel kinda bad” or “wasteful” kind of way. If this is the case, I have a treat in store for you.

This is an entire process called yeast washing, and there are many great reasons to do it, not just for recycling. This brings me to an extremely thorough resource I though was a treat. The yeast washing bit at BillyBrew.Com is fantastic. One of the unique features here is the video. The blogger not only types you out materials needed and easy step-by-step instructions, but makes an entire video demonstrating the process. Very helpful and thorough Billy. I strongly suggest a peek at his blog, there is plenty more to be had than “washing” yeast cakes.


-Zach Attack


Community is Wine? I’ll have some.

25 Nov

So I recently stumbled across another great resource for homebrewers. I talk plenty about how valuable resources like HomeBrewTalk or the American Homebrew Association and such, so I was surprised I missed this one. The aptly named has indeed been hiding from me, and, possibly you. This site is on par with the others, boasting a huge forum (find yourself some more Partial Mash talk), a section for recipes, a journal section to log your brew experiences, calculators for measurements and gravity and more. Go explore, as there is plenty of content waiting to enlighten you at Tasty Brew.

-Zach Attack

From Canes to Bottles

12 Nov

 So my first batch has completed fermentation and it’s time to get bottling! That’s the good news, bad news: my primary fermenter had a spigot, and I’ve yet to use a racking cane. My beautiful brew has finished up inside a five gallon glass carboy, so how do I get it out? All I have is a plastic cane with a tip, and am expected to rack five gallons of liquid with it! A beginner could easily baffle themselves trying to figure how to start suction without using a mouth. I read a few things that sounded helpful, but mouths and tap water aren’t sanitary (which is priority with brew). Also, purchasing an auto siphon was not ideal.

 Finally, I was able to make a connection at This link leads you to their page on how to properly siphon your brew. They suggest some leftover sanitizing solution to initiate the draw- the perfect solution! Not only that, unlike other reads, it is complete with easy to understand pictures and hints for a smooth racking process. If you want to dive a bit further in, the bottom of the page will lead you into the next step of the process: the bottling one.


Cheers, Zach Attack

Homebrew Heaven

22 Oct

Through Storify I was able to make a little section I like to call Homebrew Heaven. Here I have thrown a few pictures together for some inspiration and try to capture some of the homebrewer “vibe.” The more I intimate I become with homebrewing myself, I realize there is more to it than the brew. I’ve experienced how important the community is to its success. Certainly homebrewers give off a certain glow when talking about their trade. Everyone starts at the beginning, and homebrewers are no different. This is why I have found to be an exceptional source as well. You can find it as a Storify panel in Homebrew Heaven, but it is worth mentioning here, as the community is fantastic. There are plenty of Stickies on this forum to qualm your newbie fears. Otherwise, toss your question out there, no matter how elementary, and someone is glad to help. If it becomes urgent, member responses are known to be quick so you can’t lose! Good luck, keep at it, happy hombrewing.

My own batch brewing- smells amazing!


-Zach Attack

Homebrew Legality 101

10 Oct

Ready to make your first tantalizing batch? Make sure it’s legal! Only this year has Alabama voted through a bill to legalize homebrewing, but it died in senate and the fight is far from over. An article at: Fermentarium gives some insight on the process, and what people against the bill argue. It is important to understand that since prohibition, laws about home brewing only mentioned wine. Over the years, it has been a struggle to convince our states to include this sort of brewing in its legislation. Fortunately, the majority of the states have been caught up with the times, and it is a quite widely accepted practice. If you are interested in more specific information about states and their legalities regarding homebrewing, I am linking to Homebrewers Association statutes page. It gives a great run down on the federal laws, state laws, and has a drop box with all states and their respective bills. Its interesting to see how each state puts different limitations on at home production, and how, as of now, Alabama and Mississippi senates have successfully postponed bills for legalization since 1933. Bottoms up, good luck in 2013 Alabama.


Calling All Brewers!

8 Oct

Wether you are a green or seasoned home brewer, Hombrew Headquarters has it all. You can find everything from “bare bones” first timer kits, specific yeast strains and ingredients, to empty bottles for sealing up your brews. Although I have linked here to their website, I highly recommend you stop by the physical location if you are in, or close to the Richardson, TX area. The employees are extremely knowledgeable (brewers themselves) and quite passionate, eager to help a first timer. You can’t miss Homebrew HQ!